General Donations

TheBearJew Ownerdevstaff posted Dec 2, 16


Donations are made by you, our members, freely with no expectations of anything in return except for our undying gratitude. All monies donated go towards the furtherance of The Myrmidon Legion. We have been able to graciously provide services up to this point because of what you have provided. It has also been able to allow us to reward those members that have been going above and beyond. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to more in the future.

This is purely a voluntary donation. Any donations given will not be returned unless requested and approved by the Super Administrative staff. If for some reason a donation was made in error please contact the appropriate staff member(s). Donations given shall not be returned if you, the donator, are for any reason dismissed from our community for reasons that break our Rules that are listed HERE (this decision can be reversed at the Super Administrative discretion)

Once again we thank you for your donation.

**Please login/create account first on the right hand side.

**Donations can be made on the box at the left hand side.

Brett **Donations can be made on the box at the left hand side. (Correction) **Donations can be made on the box at the right ...