ML Rules

TheBearJew Ownerdevstaff posted Dec 2, 16

TeamSpeak Rules

Please make attempts as to not talk over someone else who is already speaking.
Do not join a channel and immediately start to talk. (Wait first to make sure someone is not already talking)
Please adhere to the general rules in regards to language, innuendos, offensive talking, etc...
Please keep your transmissions in check - Example: Do not hot-mic, no yelling, pull the mic away from face or quickly mute when coughing/sneezing.

Poke/Private Chat windows
Do not spam poke people.
Try not to have full on conversations with people through poking (use private text chat)
If someone has the "Do Not Disturb Tag" then please do not poke them (if you are staff) or open a private text window unless it is extremely important.

Donator Channels
DO NOT JOIN these channels unless you have permission from the donator who owns the channel. Joining first then getting permission is not acceptable. Poke or open a private text window first to ask permission.
If you have the ability as a donator to create temporary channels then you MUST do so under the "Donators Temp Channels" channel that is located in the Donators section on TeamSpeak.

Channels You Are NOT Allowed To Join.
Unless you are a member of a department that is tied to a specific channel DO NOT join channels below Myrmidon Developers. Exceptions would be AFK or a Commanding Officers "Wait Here" room.
While this is not mandatory we ask that you try to stay in the rooms for the games that you are currently playing. It is okay to float around and talk to friends but when they are engrossed in a game I am sure they do not want you talking to other people about other games not relating to that specific TeamSpeak channel.

Chain Of Command / Developers
If there is something that you need help with and it is a ML server then please go to the ML staff regarding the problem rather then going straight to a Super Administrator.
If you need to speak to a staff member please try to seek out a Moderator first then and Administrator and if all else fails seek out a Super Administrator.
For complaints against anyone in TeamSpeak, our servers, or about Staff then please submit a Complaint Form that can be found under the Support button on the menu bar.
If you see a Developer in a Developer channel please make all efforts to leave them alone as they are hard at work maintaining ML servers and need to concentrate and not be sidetracked. (For bugs please use the bug report form or the forums) (If you are in a channel with them and come across a bug then it is okay to mention but still please submit a report or forum post)

Moving People
If you have the ability to move someone in TeamSpeak then you need to first Poke them and ask if they are available to be moved. If they do not reply then join their channel and ask if you can pull them. If they are ignoring you or are AFK then you can move them and wait for them to reply.
No matter what tag you have if there is a Guest in TeamSpeak being helped then do not pull them away from the person helping them no matter what game there are here for or who they are friends with.


General Rules

Mutual Respect & Conduct
- Abusive, racist, sexist, homophobic comments(or any other type of bigotry), personal attacks, trolling, and name calling are not allowed. This also includes making statements/comments which attack and/or question the moderators or administrators in regard to their resolutions on the actions of users.

- Advertising for other communities and outside groups is prohibited. You are here because you want to be. There is no reason to advertise.

Chat Messages
- All chat messages must be clean. It is prohibited to post links to pornographic website or pictures. We need to keep our chat message at a PG-13 level. If you feel the need to have an inappropriate discussion with someone, then it is strongly suggested you do so in a locked channel, or a created temporary channel, or in a private message. Remember if you think you are at risk of offending someone, it's best not to text/say it. We have no tolerance for this and you will be removed from our community and teamspeak, which also includes ban from all of our game servers.

Usernames & Avatars
- Inappropriate usernames and avatars that are sexually, racially, ethnically targeted, or violate any other rules are prohibited.

Spam Messages
- We deem spam as making a verbal or text communication that has no real worth, is irrelevant, useless and offers nothing to a discussion OR is an unwanted personal message. This means that users shall use the appropriate chat in all communication channels (as applicable).

Bans & Harassment
- You may not threaten anyone with reporting them, or ban. This will be deemed as harassment. If you have a problem with someone please fill out our complaint form and it will be handled accordingly.
- Sexual harassment will not be tolerated period. Even if you are joking, you are WRONG.
- We do NOT have a ban appeal process.

Administrator Instructions
- All users are to comply with the instructions of our administrators and selected moderators on our TeamSpeak, Website, and Game Servers.

Complaint form
- Please use our complaint form when reporting other for breaking the TeamSpeak, Website, and Game Servers rules. Please follow the instructions. We have a staff team who are trained in dealing with these offenders, so do not take it upon yourself to do so.